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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This Just In...

CNN is reporting that there will be no announcements today in the Traitorgate case. Still working on determining their sourcing on this -- and trying to figure out what it might mean.

Do not panic. (For the record, my money is still on indictments. Note the plural.)

The federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity could hand up charges as early as today, but Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is not expected to make any public announcements Wednesday, one source with knowledge of the probe told CNN.
This isn't saying that there won't be votes on indictments or that an extension is looming, just that no official announcement will be forthcoming today.

Several experts told CNN it is possible the grand jury on Wednesday still could consider the question of indictments and if it votes to return one or more, the indictments could remain under seal and made public later.

These experts also said it is possible the grand jury could consider indictments later this week, or that no charges will be brought.

It is also possible Fitzgerald will let this grand jury term end and take his case to a new panel.
In other words, it's a non-story story just to let us know that it's likely we won't know anything for sure today. Unless, of course, Fitz changes his mind.

UPDATE: And while we wait, eRiposte has some great analysis up at LeftCoaster on the whole Niger/Italian/Hadley/etc. interconnection. It's a great read -- highly recommended.

HUGE hat tip to reader Pachacutec for dubbing this "Fitzmas Interruptus." That's hilarious, and a much needed giggle.

UPDATE #2: Bloomberg also updating that there will be no news announcement today. Fitz met with G/J for a little over 3 hours, and left the courthouse. No report that the jury left, which says there may be deliberations ongoing to me. Will update when we get some news.

UPDATE#3: Bob Kerr on MSNBC just reported that Luskin was the one who arranged the last-minute meeting with Fitz (and possibly Rove) yesterday at Luskin's offices. Also, Kerr reports that investigators spoke with Rove associateS (plural) yesterday following up on leads. Reporting that the anxiety level at the WH is very high, despite McClellan's public statements to the contrary. (Well, no news there, but the Luskin arranging a meeting bit smacks of deal-making, cooperation and other possibilities. Jeralyn covered this well -- take a peek here.)