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Sunday, November 13, 2005

All Politics Are Local

With everyone enthusiastic about Democratic prospects for 2006 in the wake of last week's elections, I've been reading a lot of comments around the blogosphere by people wanting to know how to get hooked up with local organizations. So I woke up this morning all excited, thinking there would be a ton of organizational information on the web and I would do this great big post about it.

It's really pathetic what's out there. Small wonder the GOP kicks our ass. That skeevy little weasel Ralph Reed really did manage to set up a remarkable organizational infrastructure that just does not exist on the left.

The DNC website has links to each state's Democratic Party. The quality of these state websites seem to vary widely, and my state (Oregon's) is pretty minimally maintained, although most do have information for county and/or legislative district contacts. I managed to find an email for my local district contact person here.

Democracy for America has community meet-ups listed by zip code. It was the only place I found an event near me, a screening of Robert Greenwald's WalMart movie in Newport on Thursday. And yes, I have it calendared.

Then is there is Drinking Liberally, who have their web site and map of affiliate groups here, and over at Kos they have a list of reader blogs by state. But I could not find any centralized, district-by-district resource for grass roots action throughout the country.

If you know of any other online resource, please post it in the comments. Boy this sure does seem to be a practical and effective way the Dems might be spending some of that cash, no?