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Friday, November 18, 2005

And It Just Gets Worse in Bushworld

Let's see. So far today in Bushworld:

-- Pat Fitzgerald is working with a new grand jury, continuing an investigation that has "senior administration officials" stumbling over each other to grab a journalist and deny they've ever spoken with Bob Woodward.

-- Congress is pissing on his legislative goals. Again.
As the House and Senate struggled with spending and tax measures, two of Mr. Bush's main objectives - oil-drilling in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge and an extension of the deep cuts to taxes on capital gains and dividends - were shelved by opposition from Democrats and some moderate Republicans.

The defeats for the White House on the oil-drilling and tax-cut proposals came as Senate Democrats threatened to mount a filibuster against extension of the USA Patriot Act, which was enacted just after the Sept. 11 attacks and is a centerpiece of Mr. Bush's antiterrorism policies. Democrats have been joined by several Republicans, some of them conservative, in contending that some parts of the act intrude too much on personal privacy in the name of national security. when your pets in Congress decide to stand on their own feet again and actually do their jobs, doesn't it?

-- Jack Murtha is all over the news. Still. And making reporters look like shills for asking him stupid questions about your political spin hack friends instead of sticking to the issues. Gotta love that. (And he made Norah O'Donnell look like she wanted to cry on MSNBC earlier, in a segment that concluded with the MSNBC anchors talking about how impressive, patriotic and decent a guy Murtha is. Priceless.) [UPDATE: MSNBC has an article and video of the O'Donnell/Murtha interview up here. Enjoy.]

-- Remember last week when the DOJ was trying to downplay losing so many of its experienced civil rights attorneys? Well, turns out that Georgia "worse than Jim Crow" case the DOJ wanted championed was pooh poohed internally -- and overrulled by Administration appointees higher up in the chain. The WaPo has the scoop. Nice -- now the GOP is trying to cut benefits for the poor out of the budget and tinker with race relations. Really good combo. Ahem.

-- Oh, and Iraq? Not so good.

And that's just for starters. I could keep going on and on, but a girl only has so much time. No wonder Bushie fled to Asia this week for horsemanship and archery shows.

UPDATE: As Pachacutec says, this is certainly worth a big mention. Guess whose partner got indicted? (Hint: His last name is Abramoff. Ahem.)

CORRECTION: Oh, and it just gets better. In re-reading the "indictment" article, at Pach's suggestion, it wasn't an indictment after all. It was an information.
In a one-count criminal information filed by the government, Scanlon was charged with conspiring with another lobbyist, who was not identified.

Although the document lists Scanlon's co-conspirator only as "Lobbyist A," it has been a matter of public record for more than a year that Scanlon and Abramoff had a fee-splitting arrangement and represented several Indian tribes.
For the non-legal folks among us, what this most likely means is that Jack Abramoff's partner cut a deal -- which likely means that he has flipped and turned State's evidence. Oh man. What a glorious, schadenfreude-filled Friday this is turning out to be.