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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bad News Snowballing for Bushie?

The NYTimes is reporting on interviews with former Administration supporters who are wavering these days. Guess the Kool-aid has started wearing off.
Many people who voted for Mr. Bush a year ago had trouble pinning their current discontent on any one thing. Many mentioned the hurricane and the indictment of a top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, which some said raised doubts about the president's candor and his judgment. But there was a sense that something had veered off course in the last few months, and the war was the one constant. Over and over, even some of Mr. Bush's supporters raised comparisons with Vietnam.
The issues finding traction with voters who were former Administration supporters? Lack of honesty, Dick Cheney (could be the same thing in a lot of minds, according to the article quotes), the continuing problems in Iraq and with the war on terror in general, unease about the direction of the country and...did I mention lack of honesty?

All of this makes a compelling case for Democrats challenging the GOP in every district in the upcoming 2006 elections. The Preznit's approval ratings are hovering around 37% in several polls, and his support among some traditional Republican groups is softening on budget/deficit issues, candor and other areas that need to be explored more thoroughly by the DCCC and the DNC.

It's been a snowball of bad issues for the Preznit: the mess made of Katrina and Bushie being slow to leave his vacation estate during the crisis; the continuing bad news from Iraq and elsewhere in the "war on terror" and the growing lack of belief that Bushie has any sort of real plan to deal with any of the mess he's made; the rampant cronyism issues raised by Heckuva Job Brownie and the Harriet Miers nomination; and the barrage of scandals, from Traitorgate to Delay/Abramoff, to the growing feeling that Dick Cheney has been a force for bad and that the Preznit did nothing to check the VP's actions.

And if this article is any indictation, some commercials linking Rethug opponents with Dick Cheney, Tom Delay, and Karl Rove would be a good place to start.

Laura Rozen has more.

Too bad all these asshats didn't get voter's remorse before the 2004 elections.

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