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Monday, November 28, 2005

Credulous Bob Rides Again

Nora Ephron has an insightful post up at the HuffPo where basically she says you can trust Bob Woodward to tell the truth because he's too dumb to lie. In the words of Joe Biden I'm not sure I'm "there yet," but she does have an interesting observation about why Woodward went out of his way to bash Fitzgerald:
If you don'’t talk to Woodward, you'’ll be sorry. I mention this not because it's precisely true (look at me), but because it's an operating truth in official Washington. What'’s more, it'’s the only explanation I can come up with for why Woodward was foolish enough to trash Fitzgerald'’s investigation; I suspect that Fitzgerald is the only powerful figure in Washington who does not pour his heart out to Woodward on a weekly basis, and Woodward was telling him that he'd better get on the train.
I can actually see how in a simple, Woody-centric universe this would make a tragic kind of sense. I guess a few terse minutes with the Special Counsel smartened him up real good, huh?