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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From the Wings, Rove Maneuvers to Save His Ass

The White House is said to be coordinating an "aggressive response" to allegations that they manipulated intelligence in the run up to war in Iraq, according to CNN. They are said to be mounting a campaign-style response to Democrats in Congress.

Hello, Karl.
The officials say they plan to repeatedly make the point -- as they did during the 2004 campaign -- that pre-war intelligence was faulty, it was not manipulated and everyone was working off the same intelligence.

They hope to arm GOP officials with more quotes by Democrats making the same pre-war claims as Republicans did about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.
So, let me get this straight: the grand strategy to save Karl's ass is to point to Democrats using the faulty information given to them by the Administration? The faulty information deliberately fed to members of Congress and the American public by the WHIG and the neocons at the DOD?
One senior official said Cheney would not participate in the White House response, despite that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, has accused the vice president of being a key offender in manipulating intelligence.
Guess the VP is still in the doghouse. Sucks to be politically radioactive. But to have poll numbers lower than Shrubya? That's gotta hurt.

But the big question is: if this is your grand strategy, why leak it in advance so everyone knows exactly what you are doing every time Scotty McClellan opens his yap? Oh. Maybe Scotty isn't exactly along for the ride.

Or perhaps someone else at the WH doesn't want Karl's ass saved after all? (Andy? Dan? Karen? Is that you?)