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Monday, November 07, 2005

Legal Jeopardy

Shoot the Messenger, Please: Oh my god this is getting pathetic. Sounds like 90% of today's press conference was just hounding McClellan about TraitorGate. He may very well have just been doing his job when he assured everyone Rover never leaked, but nobody told him that the zealotry of Saul of Tarsus was appropriate to the occasion. Sorry -- wrong link.

Bang the Drum Loudly: Arianna says that a bunch of big wig Dems are joining together and writing a letter to Preznit Pendejo asking him to pledge not to screw up Fitzgerald's investigation and take a pardon of Libby off the table. Of course he won't, but it ought to be a lethal 2006 campaign meme and it's good to get it into heavy rotation. Bet Junior's cussing a blue streak over Poppy and that Cap Weinberger thing right now.

Serious Plame-a-holics Only Need Apply: eRiposte is tearing it up at the Left Coaster over the Niger forgeries. His conclusions? That the CIA most likely did not receive some of the fake information in the Niger documents because Italian intelligence (SISMI) held back the overtly fraudulent material. So much for the FBI's lone "forgery for fun and profit" conclusion.

Dick Cheney, Bondage Freak? So says The General: "Of course, the kind of maiming Mr. Cheney ordered goes far beyond anything practiced by the consenting adults who engage in BDSM activities, but I bet they still felt like he was giving a shout out at them."

Manifest Destiny and the Republican Revolution: Greg at the Talent Show runs down the California ballot initiatives and lets us know what, exactly, Judge Wapner has to do with anything. And Fixer over at Alternate Brain lets potential New Jersey and Virginia goldbrickers know that failure to vote is not going to be an easier, softer option.

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