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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Let's Kick Some Ass

There's nothing like a Brit in a snit. From the Guardian:
At the heart of the accusation is the fundamental tension between journalists - largely Arab reporters catering for an Arab audience - who say they are anxious to cover the story from both sides, and a United States that regards reporting on some aspects of the insurgency as tantamount to collaboration with terrorism. None of which would matter much were into not for the ferocious tenacity and professionalism of Al Jazeera, factors which have made the station an international phenomenon.

Most gallingly for the US, its reporters have told a story that Washington either disagrees with or would rather remain untold: that the kind of war America is prosecuting in Iraq is messy and heavy handed; that civilians are too often the victims, and that the insurgents are not shadowy sinister figures but ordinary men with more support than politicians would like to acknowledge.
The world has had enough of this cowboy shit. It never crossed my mind that another country might take the lead in saying "enough already" and exposing the lies that got us into this mess (oh that ought to really chap O'Reilly's ass, eh?), but it looks like that may indeed be where we are headed.

Bully for them.

(photo by David Woo, thanks to Valley Girl)