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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Must...Have...Tryptophan...Damn You, Fitzgerald!!

After talking to a small multitude and reading all the competing theories and engaging in much "group think" over the significance of the Viveca Novak testimony, the most salient things I've read today come from the comments section. One from Wilson46201:
My feeling is that Luskin was trying to tamper with Cooper's testimony somehow. Maybe to complain how Rove's release was coerced (by somebody) and figured V. Novak would pass the info to her colleague. Rove knew Cooper's testimony would not be exculpatory so Luskin was trying something (anything!) to block it...
Another comes from Sam:
Let's not forget in the beginning there was a meeting of the Cabal to plot strategy to discredit Wilson and get revenge via his wife, all to protect their lies for going to war. A conspiracy of intent. A second conspiracy to cover their tracks with reporters carrying the burden of revelations. A third conspiracy of the Cabal to spin the story to cover up the previous two conspiracies. THAT IS WHERE WE ARE AT NOW---POSSIBLE "targeted direct attempts at communication" BY LUSKIN AND ROVE.
Then there is always Adam's theory:
Back in May 2004, Luskin pulled the wrong "Novak" from his rolodex and left a message saying, "Hi Bob, just passing along a message from Karl. He wanted me to remind you that he can have you killed."
In my book it all adds up to TURDY NO SLEEP GOOD TONIGHT.

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