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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Red State Revolt

I was surfing around, looking at posts about how David Addington is now saying the law does not apply to Dick Cheney and he does not have to report his travel expenses. I found someone who said it better than I could, Buddy Don of the Wandering Hillbilly blog:
we wuz tole we had to git rid of the dicktater saddam on a counta how he had dun such awful thangs to his own folks, but nary a wurd wuz sed bout other evil dicktaters la kim jong-il or the folks runnin places lack the sudan (they gut slaves still) or liberia or probly duzens of other places with evil dicktaters. fack is, takin out evil dicktaters that aint never attacked wuznt sumthin we dun, period. thay wuz even a treaty on it name of the treaty of westphalia whar ye couldnt justify yer war on a counta wontin to force regime change. that treaty lasted frum 1648 till mr bush gut us to go agin it.


corse we bleeve in usin tortchur (thankee mr cheney fer deefendin our rite to tortchur, long as tiz dun in secret lack ye lack to do everthang else) n go agin the rule of law on a counta how awful them terrsts is. n turns out them iraqis on bof sides lacks to use 'exter-legal' means.

whut duz it take to run that place n have wurking lecktricity moren four hours a day or runnin water or securty innyway? a evil dicktater?
I'll spare everyone the lecture about the history of the Scotch/Irish dialect in Tennessee and just say that as someone who comes from a long line of inbred Robertson County hillbillys he gets it right.

The next time someone wants to pay Bob Shrum way too much money to go lose a big election in the south, they should save themselves a few bucks and hire this guy instead.