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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So She'd Still Call Him a Coward...

Jean Schmidt, freshman Republican Congresswoman from the OH-2, doesn't understand why people are angry with her. She just doesn't get what all the fuss is about.

And people have been mean to her, including: Saturday Night Live, liberals, her hometown newspaper the Cincinnati Enquirer (oops-- they are conservative, that's not good), her friend Danny Bubp (oops again -- didn't she use his fake words to malign Jack Murtha? That's not good...), and lots of folks in her district who think she went way too far in calling a decorated war veteran, who has served this nation in uniform and in Congress with honor, a "coward."

What does Jean have to say for herself?
Yesterday, Schmidt said she hoped the hubbub will have faded by the time Congress reconvenes next month. Asked if she would change anything if she could do it over again, she replied: "I wouldn't have used Congressman Murtha's name."
Ahhh...but you still would have called him a coward?

(Major graphics love to Mike Tidmas via Pandagon. Huge thanks to reader bkny for tracking down this pix for me.)