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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crooks & Liars

I know I hit this once yesterday briefly but I'm going after it again today. The GOP spin masters are in the midst of a mad Sufi dance trying to prove that corruption is corruption, as likely to strike Democrats as Republicans. Here is Chris Matthews talking about Duke Cunningham with former White House counsel Stan Brand:
MATTHEWS: Is this basically nonpartisan, this kind of corruption?

BRAND: Oh, absolutely.

MATTHEWS: Just stealing money?

BRAND: Because look, in the past, we've certainly had Democratic scandals. There were more Democrats --

MATTHEWS: So there's no difference in the saliva test of these guys. The corruption is in a person's character, not in their politics?
Wrong-o. I had this conversation with Digby one time, and I don't think Digby has blogged about it (or at least I couldn't find it). But Digby says that one of the enduring "truisms" about Democrats that the Republicans managed to exploit so well in their recent pole vault to power was the stereotype ingrained in the American psyche that the Democrats are tax-happy bleeding hearts.

But if that's true, the parallel stereotype for Republicans is that they're thieves.

From Teapot Dome to Richard Nixon to the S&L scandal, when it comes to Republicans Americans have a deeply rooted belief that they're crooks and you better keep your hand on your wallet. So say it loud and say if often, because it's true and it's part of the culture and people are predisposed to believe it. Don't let them get away with this "it could happen to anyone." That's bullshit, and it completely ignores the institutionalized corruption this GOP hierarchy has birthed.

(graphic by Monk at Inflatable Dartboard)