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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Hitch in the Corruption Machine Giddy-up?

You know, the holidays are stressful enough, what with all the shopping and family gatherings and all, without adding the threat of multiple indictments to the mix. For members of Congress, the Christmas recess is the time they use to meet with cranky constituents and raise more money for their campaign coffers, but this year it's a whole new level of cranky:
"He's lost a lot of credibility with me," said Sandra Alldredge, who described herself as a lifelong Republican and DeLay voter. "I always thought he did real well for the local district," she said, but his recent indictment "puts a cloud over everything. I may have to vote for a Democrat this time."
Of course, it's only Delay facing that sort of crankiness from his district, right? Erm...not so much.

Seems the entire California GOP is under a big, stinking cloud. (Let's call it "Duke," just for fun.)

And they aren't alone. Local news reporters, as well as folks at the national dailies, have started digging in to the financial mess that is connected to Jack Abramoff, and they are finding a whole lotta ick under the stones they have been turning over.

The WaPo has put together a handy graphic representation of money flowing from Abramoff to a lotta folks in Congress -- definitely worth a peek.

I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again: if there are any Democrats who have involved themselves in a quid pro quo deal with the GOP money machine in exchange for legislative favors, they had better come clean and do it soon. No one wants to drag them like an anchor through the 2006 election cycle. (And remember, the good plea deals go to the early shoppers.)

Here's hoping the GOP corruption machine has blown a gasket and is headed into the weeds.

UPDATE: And in case you missed this gem, Laura Rozen has a great piece up on Duke Cunningham, his donors and some key bits that need more investigation.

UPDATE #2: Oh, and the Rethug gerrymandering takeover? May not be working so well. Looks like the Supreme Court found something intriguing enough to review. Man, Tom Delay is getting a whole lotta coal in his stocking this year, isn't he?