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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Making The World Safe For the War Party

eRiposte continues his excellent coverage of the Niger forgeries and their origins, and this time delivers an article (not available online) from Private Eye which contains the following:
When the US State Department finally gave international weapons inspectors its “evidence” that Saddam was trying to buy uranium from the African State of Niger in 2003, they held back the one document even their own analysts knew was “funky” and clearly a forgery”. Experts at the International Atomic Energy Agency quickly discovered that all the papers were fake, but they did this by spotting errors that had slipped passed the State Department and CIA: The fact that the US government handed over the whole bundle of what became known as the Niger Forgeries” except the one paprecognizedcognised as a hoax suggests they were trying to pass off documents they knew were phoney as the real thing.
This is the document they are talking about.

eRiposte's work has been top drawer on all of this, and he doesn't think anything "slipped" past the CIA, more like this is now the cover story being offered. If you haven't read his work to date on the subject, it's worth taking some time with it.