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Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Groove? Or Same Old Tap Dance?

Well, what do you know. Newsweek has picked up the bubble boy meme...and they are running a marathon with it.
President Bush has always shown an admirable ability to ignore the Washington pundits and make fun of the chattering classes. Yet his inattention to Murtha, a coal-country Pennsylvanian and rock-solid patriot, suggests a level of indifference, if not denial, that is dangerous for a president who seeks to transform the world. All presidents face a tension between sticking to their guns and dealing with changing reality. History suggests it can be a mistake to listen too closely to the ever-present (and often self-aggrandizing) critics. But likewise, the idea that any president can go it alone is, to say the least, problematic.
Seems that everyone is talking about a Preznit who only likes to hear good news these days. That mean old "liberul media," how dare they say the Emporer has no clothes (or that he's incurious...whatever).

And just for the record, the background in the Bush photo for the Newsweek article looks like a Harry Potter set. What were they thinking?

This Newsweek story needs some conversation -- not the least of which because it won't just be folks on FDL reading it in their doctor's offices. For the lighter Kool-aid drinkers, how do you think this sort of article is going to play?

Especially with this Time Magazine piece on the stands at the same time. When everyone starts saying the Preznit is out of touch, out of bounds and out of the loop and...well, you get the picture.

Can the Preznit sell his new groove? Or is it more of the same as the old groove, a hinky sort of tap dance that vaudeville (or the Gong Show) would have taken off the stage long ago?