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Monday, December 12, 2005

Tough Choices in Katrina Aftermath

On yesterday's MTP, Mike Allen said that the Katrina destruction had disappeared from the radar of the Preznit, noting that he hadn't even bothered to visit the region since October. Readers here will remember the FEMA Scrooge attempt to throw homeless Katrina survivors out on their ears before Christmas (No housing for you! Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave! Happy holidays!)

Today's NYTimes has some good reporting on the give and take in the debate over zoning issues in the aftermath of Katrina along the Gulf Coast. This is serious stuff on a lot of fronts, and represents the nitty gritty of political and personal considerations for folks who live in that region -- and in other areas of the country where flooding, hurricanes and other natural disaster issues cause problems.

How the Gulf Coast is re-built is going to be a huge debate in the months to come. Whether or not the prime real estate gets zoned for business interests to capitalize on it at the expense of poorer residents is certainly worth a whole lot of scrutiny.

How this impacts individual people cannot be emphasized enough. These folks deserve a lot more consideration and compassion than they have gotten from a lot of governmental agencies thus far -- and as much help as the rest of us can give where we can.