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Friday, January 27, 2006

Ann Coulter: Dangerous Moron

Dear Ann Coulter:

STFU. Oh, and threatening Justice Stevens by saying someone should "put rat poisoning in his creme brulee," even as a joke, is asking for his protection detail to haul your skinny ass in for questioning. I'm just saying.

Law and order conservatives had better stand up and denounce this. Shameful, wrong and assanine doesn't begin to decribe the crap that comes out of your mouth half the time, but this one is so far over the line, I can't even begin to understand what you were thinking in saying it. Consider the source, I suppose, but that is no excuse. Threatening violence or attempting to incite it against a public official because you disagree with how he does his job is a felony in a lot of states. As a lawyer, you ought to know that, Ann.

Speaking of which, making threatening statements about a Supreme Court Justice, even in jest, ought to raise some questions about your bar license. Do you even have one somewhere? Maybe Justice Stevens' security detail ought to look into that as well.

You are a disgrace to the legal profession. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. And you owe Justice Stevens a public apology. Whether you disagree with someone's philosophy or not, making statements about someone killing them with poison is not funny. Period.


PS -- Timmeh had better be asking every Republican on his show on Sunday about this quote. If Obama and Colin Powell are the prime candidates for "ask the black man about Belafonte," then all Republicans are fair game about Coulter. Hang her idiocy around the neck of every Rethug and make them either denounce this statement or pay the penalty. Equal opportunity runs both ways -- and its about time the people benefitting from Coulter's excesses had to pay a penalty for it.