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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King, 1927-2006

Coretta Scott King passed away in her sleep last night at the age of 78. She was a tireless advocate of civil rights and nonviolent protest, and a testament to the notion that a single individual can help to move a mountain.

Mrs. King had a grace and an outward serenity that masked a steel core and a deep faith in justice and individual libterties. She carried on the work of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., after his assasination on April 4, 1968, and she fiercely guarded his legacy in the years that followed the Civil Rights movement.

She was a pioneer, and a force to be reckoned with, all the while raising her children alone after her husband's death, and yet still finding the time to push forward the work that he had begun. Her legacy will endure, but she will be missed.
"There is a spirit and a need and a man at the beginning of every great human advance. Every one of these must be right for that particular moment of history, or nothing happens."
Thank you, Mrs. King. For showing us all how to fight on in the face of adversity, and to do so with grace and dignity.