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Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't Fuck With The Tech Guy

Matt Stoller and John Aravosis had a Deborah Howell encounter yesterday at the Washington Press Club. The Hotline Blogometer recounts the affair where after an hour and a half of listening to Howell and others describe her experience like she was the sole survivor of the Bismark, Matt Stoller grabbed the microphone and said "The antagonism here is coming from you guys....Nothing happened to you!" Aravosis says Stoller went on for a bit more -- "You're's not like you were hit by a're sitting here, eating a nice meal" or words to that effect.

Once all the shrieking hysteria passes and they look back and see all the unnecessary PMSing they did over a few trolls, they're all going to wish jukeboxgrad never existed. When Brady first started peddling his story about "hundreds and hundreds" of comments filled with hate speech, I'm sure he never counted on some tech whiz to show up and resurrect archives and run the kind of sophisticated analysis that allowed him to reconstruct what really happened. He's put together an amazing diary over at Kos that recounts exactly what went on, an incredible bit of detective work that is really stunning in its scope. Please go have a look, thank him for all the effort he's put into documenting the whole thing and hit that "recommend" button. It deserves to be seen by everyone, an insurance policy to guarantee that the story gets told correctly one day after O'Reilly and his fulminations about Soros-funded terrorists are long forgotten.

Gilliard has more: "We're going to have a reasonable discussion. But we're prepared for it to be unreasonable."

Atrios: "Boo hoo. People were mean. Welcome to my world."