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Sunday, January 29, 2006

FDL Late Nite: Ezra Klein is Hot

We scratch, they bleed.

The best sign that the status quo is in flux up is the sudden, loud chorus of establishment types wanting to dicipline liberal bloggers back into their caves. John has a few choice words for Katarina Vanden Heuvel, who seems to be channeling the GOP via Jim VandeHei over the Kaine/Murtha SOTU blogospheric non-controversy:
Your post focuses on an issue that was barely discussed in the blogosphere at all, except for a few comments back on Jan 18 -- yet your headline frames the issue as if it was a hotly contested debate. Most of us just nodded our heads and said OK. Did you suddenly turn on your computer two weeks after the fact and find that your monitor was frozen on this post? Arianna objected to Kaine being the speaker primarily because she felt he was much weaker on national defense than John Murtha is and that is a big issue for the Democratic Party. Your whole post is a straw man argument because the main premise is wrong. It only pushes the meme that liberal bloggers are irrational and unwieldy when that is simply not the case. Please do us a favor and if you are going to be a critic of the blogosphere (we welcome you with open arms) then do us the courtesy of actually reading what we write.
Katarina notes that Ezra Klein is "no Brad Pitt." I know Ezra and I'm with David E. and Mrs. TBogg on that one -- is she blind?