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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Guardians of the Press

Wow. And more wow. That guy Elmendorf must be feeling it today.

I guess the lesson here is -- watch what you say to the Washington Post. You could print most anything short of Bush/Abramoff b&d photos on the front page of the NYT and it would not get the scrutiny from the netroots community that the tiniest line buried in the back of the Style section of the WaPo now gets. Within minutes after an article appears online my inbox is stuffed with people disecting every shill-tinged word.

If you put a hundred people in a room and hired them to do nothing but sit there and pick the Washington Post apart day after day, line by line, looking for bs with blood in their eyes it would not be more effective.

Thanks to everyone who takes the trouble to do so.

Update: Scott Sheilds at MyDD has more on the Pool Boy's article.