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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Late Nite FDL: Kick Off Your Shoes and Sit a Spell

Normally at Late Nite we humbly gather together to use our keyboards to battle the forces of darkness and banish the downright stupid, but seeing as how today was devoted to putting Strip Search Sammy in the unemployment line I thought it would be nice to discuss a bit of lighter fare. Sort of a palate cleanser before we resume again tomorrow.

My friends Paul Cullum and Jerry Stahl both have pieces in the LA Weekly that are worthy of note. Paul's story concerns the cautionary Hollywood tale of filmmaker Eric Red, and -- well, you really just sort of have to read it to believe it. And Jerry says everything I hope I would say about the James Frey brouhaha if I was a much better writer and had actually read the book. Plus he is wickedly funny.

OT -- MAN people are pissed at the White House pool boy. I emailed his article yesterday to a bunch of people because I thought it was pretty amusing and despite the fact that it was totally wrong headed and utterly missed the point, he had a glimmer of a clue about what was going on. I suppose I just read a lot more of VandeHei's stuff than most people do so I was pleasantly suprised that it was relatively free of his normal slavish fabrications and rabid shrine-to-Tom-Delay fellatio. This was more of a gentle GOP foot massage.

Oh well, all I can tell you is that people are spitting blood. If anything happens at least I'll be able to say that this one didn't start with me.

Update: You can see Amato visiting live with the Young Turks. He's a star, that one.

Update II: Gilliard schools pool boy about oh so many things. Go witness the carnage.