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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Love Boat Strategery

Bob Geiger is a man with a plan. If the media only wants to cover missing honeymooners, cruise ship passengers and couples with issues, so be it. Bob has devised a "Love Boat" strategery that gets news coverage, and makes it possible to slip in some fact-based information about the Administration and Republicans in Congress in a format that a whole lot of Americans seem to be watching.

You have to be crafty to get a fact in edgewise these days. Just ask Howard Dean -- after Katie Couric's Republican talking points interview on the Today Show this morning, Dean and every Dem in town ought to be livid. Um...hello...they are called facts and legal issues. Read up on them instead of reading from the Mehlman morning fax. (Crooks and Liars will have video up in a bit of the interview -- I'll link it when it goes up. Take your blood pressure meds before me.)

Okay, sure, I have to pretend to run off with Bob for a while for his strategery to work, but it's for a good cause, right? I can already sense Rita Cosby warming up her mic...but Bob, you have to promise that I get to talk to Nancy Grace subbing for Larry King -- I promise to wear my runny mascara and work on my Appalachian accent. Wouldn't want to dissapoint the ratings maestroes, now would I?