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Thursday, January 05, 2006

News Round-Up

The Preznit arranged a lovely photo-op for himself and all of the living past secretaries of state and defense today. Bushie promised to "take to heart" the opinions and criticisms that he heard from them during the meeting regarding what's been going on in Iraq. (Emptywheel has some more analysis on this.)

Too bad he didn't think about taking them to heart before he failed to adequately plan, used skewed intelligence to make the case for war to the public and then sent our fighting men and women into a battle without adequate equipment or body armor, especially for our national guard.

Yeah, I know. It's hard work. Yadda yadda.

Speaking of the war in Iraq, it may be costing a helluva lot more than the Administration has been willing to say. In dollars. As far as lives go, those last elections haven't really stopped the violence in the country, now have they? Not with a two day total of 189 casualties from bombings and attacks, including 5 US servicepeople today.

The Abramoff plea sure has Republicans scrambling to find charities to which to make donations, doesn't it? George Bush says he's returning the $6,000 he thinks Abramoff may have given his campaign (umm...record keeping, not your forte?) -- but ThinkProgress puts the figure at well over $120,000 that Jackie Boy raised for the Shurb in the last election cycle.

Plus, the buzz that DeLay won't be retaking the mantle of House leadership appears to have gained some ground (or a sympathetic journalist ear at the moment, anyway). Even the National Review is turning on him.

Ouch. Hurts when you become a liability to the very party you helped prop up with your KStreet scheme. Pssst...Tommy Boy. Don't get mad, get even. Name names. I'll start...Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Karl know where the long knives are coming from, take them down with you when you go. I'm just saying.

According to the WaPo, Sharon is heavily sedated in a medicated coma in intensive care after suffering a massive stroke. No word on prognosis as yet, but the NYTimes is reporting that chances for full recovery are "slim."

For more on yesterday's recess appointments, you can read here.

Finally, Glenn Greenwald has two essays that are ripe for discussion at Digby's blog Hullabaloo -- where Glenn is guest blogging this weekend. Go. Read. Discuss.

(Thought we could use some blue skies after the Mean Jean pix. This is a shot of a cattle drive in Patagonia. Enjoy.)