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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One of Those Lightbulb Moments

From reader Rayne, in the comments, I find this brilliant yet simple idea.
I got off the phone with Senator Levin's office at 5:30 PM.


Holy crap, that's twice in a month that his office CALLED ME.

Stay on this, you guys. It doesn't take much, really. You need to call both of your Senators' offices and find out when they are going to be in your area next, find out who's setting up the even they will be at, insist on attending. Shake their hands, introduce yourselves, ask a good question, follow up with a detailed letter on the topic to their office.And you will get a call back. If you make a dent in their consciousness, you can make an impact when it counts, like during important votes.RIGHT NOW: Fax, email, call your Senators offices and tell them thank you for their Yea vote. If they voted Nay, then call and find out when you can see them in the flesh. They can't weasel out easily if you've been in their face.
Excellent idea. Let's all try out Rayne's advice -- and maybe we can get some amusing "Meet My Congresscritter" stories in the next few months.