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Friday, January 06, 2006

Ralph Reed: Hypocrisy's a Bitch, Ain't It?

Look whose poll numbers have taken a nose dive in the wake of the sinking Abramoff ethics ship? Yup, Ralph Reed, poster boy for gambling opposition hypocrisy, is feeling the heat from his red state constituency. Where's the love, Ralphie Boy? Oh yeah, with the other guy.

Reed is running against a virtual unknown for the lieutenant governorship of Georgia -- and even with his tarnished now worthless Christian Coalition credentials in an evangelical, red state bonanza like Georgia, Ralphie's numbers are taking a nose dive. Guess all that Abramoff press isn't working well for the campaign.

No idea if these numbers are going to hold through the primary, but Republicans around the country have to be shaking in their boots at this news. If Ralph Reed and all his name recognition and evangelical letter writing buddies can't beat a no-name primary opponent in a red state like Georgia, what does that mean for everyone else who is linked to Jack Abramoff in more "purple" looking states?

Boy, hypocrisy doesn't pay, does it? Neither does bribery, corruption or scandal when you get caught.