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Monday, January 30, 2006

We're Wide Awake...And Pissed

On Alito for cloture:
Aye 72
Nay 25

Okay, so it's obvious there is cloture today. It sucks. But it happens in the big leagues that sometimes you lose an inning. That doesn't mean you stop playing, it just means you take a deep breath and go back to the dugout for some fresh plays.

All this Faxing and phone calling and e-mailing...has scared the bejeebers out of the Washington establishment over the last couple of weeks. You know why? It came from a true grassroots movement. From anger, from true concern, from patriotism -- from a wellspring of individual citizens who cared enough about their nation to get off their butts and do something.

That is a lot of power waiting to be harnassed, folks.

And the powers that be that have controlled Washington, D.C., aren't the ones in the driver's seat of this vehicle. The citizens of this nation are. Something out of their control entirely -- a group of angry citizens who know how to use communications tools, and who aren't going to just sit by and be silent any longer.

If they think the Alito battle is the only one we're willing to fight, they can think again. This was merely the first skirmish.

Ralph Reed can take his mis-used, duped letter writing brigade -- because I'll take a well-informed, personally invested, intelligent and motivated group of people like every single one of our readers any day of the week.

You think we're just going to slink away, tail between our legs and wallow in a little setback? Hell no. Here's the news of the day: the American public is wide awake. And we're pissed.

And we're gearing up for the next round. Oh, George? FISA/NSA hearings begin on February 6th -- and Glenn Greenwald has some questions for you.

That's as good a place to start as any. Who's with me?

(Oh, and if you are in need of more Shakespeare, try Henry V's "Once more unto the breach" speech. It's a good one for today as well.)