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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why is Russert Asking Obama About Harry Belafonte?

What the hell is Tim Russert asking Barack Obama to express his opinion about Harry Belafonte for? Harry Belafonte said George Bush was the "greatest terrorist in the world" this week, but it was virtually identical to a comment he made two weeks ago in Chile. Russert has had two weeks to ask anybody on his show about it; why does he save this particular question for Obama? What sort of special expertise does Obama have about Harry Belafonte, a private citizen with no connetion to the Democratic party, that none of Russert's other guests would have?

It's interesting to note that the only other time Russert questioned anyone about Harry Belafonte before, according to what Glenn Greenwald (via email) could find was when he asked Colin Powell. I doubt if Timmeh thinks of himself as a racist. It doesn't mean he isn't one.

Update: Reader Robert W. sends this: "We should not forget that, unlike the president, vice-president, and chickenhawk neo-conservative war pushers such as Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Bill Kristol, Michael Ledeen, and Lewis Libby, Harry Belafonte enlisted in the United States Navy." Harry Belafonte did, in fact, serve in WWII.