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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Shorter Bush:
"Like, omigod, you thought I should do some work or something? As if."
It's the Clueless defense. The AP reports that the Bush Administration announced this morning that the President only found out about the ports deal after it had already been approved by his Administration. And that maybe they should have spoken with Congress about it and stuff.

Gosh, maybe they ought to have followed the procedures that Congress put in place to safeguard national security concerns after 9/11, too...and maybe, like, you know, the White House should take their head out of their ass or something and do their jobs.

As if. (snark definitely intended)

See MyDD for more thoughts on the port deal and national security considerations.

(Hat tip to reader GSD for the heads up on the AP wire story. And mucho thanks to the people involved in the movie Clueless -- so many application of the phrase "as if,' so little time.)

UPDATE: Kos has more here.