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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Crazy Mary Does Timmeh

Crooks and Liars has video up of today's Crazy Mary appearance on Timmeh's show. If you missed it, it's quite the bravura performance, complete with wacky foil flower badge and everything.

Wolcott sums things up.

And I think our reader Prairie Sunshine cuts nicely through the crap:
Watching MTP in Real Time and have these observations: Matalin's spinning so hard she's about to explode.

"the frequency of such accidents..." BULLSHIT. Hunting accidents are noteworthy for their INFREQUENCY.

Gregory apologizes for telling Scott McClellan he was being a jerk [off camera] when McClellan was--HELLO...--being a jerk.

In the Real World, it is about the average American says Matalin. Well, Mary Matalin DOES NOT SPEAK for me. I've hunted, and this south Texas Republican BWANA hunting is not real hunting.

And the shooting, the coverup and the blame the vic, blame the press [who are the only ones with a modicum of opportunity to serve as my proxy in getting information out of this WH] tactics should have the bright light of day shown on them until all questions are answered.
Here's hoping for some serious-ass sunshine. I can't think of a crew who needs it more than the folks in this Administration.