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Friday, February 24, 2006

Kansas Roots Action -- Phase I

Today as part of our Roots project we're asking people from Kansas (or those with ties to Kansas) to write in to local papers regarding the Senate hearings into the illegal NSA wiretaps. Kansas is the home of both Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Sam Brownback of the Judiciary Committee. As Meteor Blades pointed out, many places will just ignore letters that don't have a Kansas address so if you are a Kansas resident your participation is really important.

Glenn Greenwald has a great post up with some very clear and concise talking points. It's important to put things in your own words, however, and not just "cut and paste" as those will probably wind up in the bin as well.

Kansas blogger Josh Roseneau who writes at Thoughts From Kansas has an excellent post up on the subject from a local perspective along with an in-depth media contact list for many local regions. And Thersites from Vichy Dems provides this quick national impact list:
The Kansas City Star
1729 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64108

Guidelines : Paper accepts LTEs, "Voices"”, "As I See It" columns and Op-Eds. LTEs max. 150 words; must include name, address, daytime phone.

How to submit :
Snail mail at above address, or

Alternate venue : "“Reader's Representative: For concerns or questions regarding the fairness or accuracy of The Star's news coverage."”

The Lawrence Journal-World
609 New Hampshire
P.O Box 888
Lawrence, Kansas 66044

How to submit :
Paper asks for LTEs via Webform; not sure whether they accept by snail mail

Alternate venues : Editorial Page Editor Ann Gardner, 832-7153,
Online Editor Dave Toplikar, 832-7151,

The Topeka Capital-Journal
616 SE Jefferson
Topeka KS 66607
Fax (785) 295-1230

How to submit :
Snail mail at above address, or

Alternate venue : Executive Editor Pete Goering,

The Wichita Eagle
Reader Views
P.O. Box 820
Wichita, Kan. 67201

Note : Editorial (from news service, not home-grown) they’re running today on topic. Consider writing a letter responding to it.

Guidelines : Max 200 words. Include name, address and telephone. Letters are signed with the writer'’s name and town.

How to submit :
Snail mail at above address, or
Fax: (316) 269-6799, or

Alternate venues :
Editorial blog:
Opinion Editor Phillip Brownlee

The Pitch (alternative paper, KC)

Guidelines : Must include full name (but can request they don't print it), email address OR telephone number; city; and "title of the article you are writing about."

How to submit : Webform;, or

The Olathe News
514 South Kansas Ave., Olathe, KS 66061
Phone (913) 764-2211 -- Fax (913) 764-3672

How to submit :

Lee's Summit Journal

How to submit : Webform; (apparently same form is used for subscriptions and LTEs).

Alternate venue : Ann Scheer, Editor,

The Cass County (MO) Democrat-Missourian
301 South Lexington
P.O. Box 329
Harrisonville, MO 64701

How to submit :
Snail mail at the above address, or
Fax at (816) 380-7650, or

The Star-Herald (Northwest Cass County) (Weekly)
P.O. Box 379
Belton, MO 64012

Guidelines : Include name, hometown and daytime telephone number. "“[O]ne page typed double-spaced or neatly printed is a good measure." "Letters endorsing or against political candidates will not be published."

How to submit :
Snail mail at the above address, or

Update: Vichy Dems has a more complete, updated list.
If you are from Kansas or feel like you can write on behalf of family or friends there or have some other sort of tie to the state please take a moment to carefully craft your own thoughts, follow the specific submission guidelines and send a letter.

It's awfully difficult to cut through the national media ice on this (or any other) subject and by using local media we may be able to have a much greater impact at a time when BushCo. is busy fighting other battles and won't see it coming.