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Monday, February 20, 2006

NSA Spying and the Imperial Presidency: A Town Hall

C-Span is currently broadcasting a great discussion on separation of powers issues dealing with the NSA domestic spying, national security matters, privacy considerations and the imperial presidency. The discussion includes Mary DeRosa, Lawrence Tribe, John Dean, Jim Harper, Anthony Romero, and Marvin Kalb, and is truly fascinating stuff.

I'm working on a longer post on the NSA issue and other foreign policy concerns that have been raised, but I wanted to spotlight this discussion for those who care to watch it. If you can't watch today, try and catch it in re-run -- it's that good.

(Cartoon via the Cincinnati Post. Hat tip to reader angie for the heads up on this.)

UPDATE: C-Span's programming schedule indicates that this Town Hall will be re-broadcast this evening at 9 pm ET on C-Span1. If and when they post a transcript, I'll put a link on this post. It was a great discussion, some good give and take among the participants and some excellent audience questions as well. Best line: Lawrence Tribe's "the Bush Administration is collecting more dots, but they aren't connecting them" (or something to that effect) in relation to the NSA domestic spying program.