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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Play the "Whose Mouthpiece Is Bob Novak Today?" Game

Just finished reading the latest Bob Novak column extravaganza, and it struck me that we are due for another round of:
Whose mouthpiece is Bob Novak today?

A. Karl Rove
B. Andy Card
C. Poppy Bush and Pals
D. Republicans in Congress worried about the 2006 mid-terms and searching for any scapegoat but themselves
E. _________________ (Pick your own source.)
It's a tough choice today. Read carefully and see if you can pick through all the clues, from Vin Weber to Phil Gramm to the backhanded pokes at Cheney as "independent power center." Extra points if you can find an argument to make this a piece from Team Cheney -- with the power center bit as a backhanded slap at Karl.

And for extra bonus fun, spot the lies of Mary Matalin via Josh. Whew, this is turning out to be quite a Sunday, isn't it?

(Graphics love to Gonzography. Hat tip to John Casper for the article link -- most amusing.)