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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Profiles in Truthiness

In case anyone was wondering, I don't trust the Bush Administration. Why, you ask? Well, here are three reasons just from today's news.

1. Scott McClellan. E&P has a Presidential spokesman smackdown:
Enough already. If the best that the presidential press secretary can do is offer the 21st century's first true lingual-swindle catch phrase in the face of an issue as critical as spying on American citizens, America may be in more trouble than we think -- and the press has far more work to do than we thought in fulfilling our mission, which, the last time I checked, was keeping the public informed.

With this in mind, you might say McClellan is correct in his assertion that "It is what it is." For the phrase "domestic spying" means exactly what it sounds like: spying.
Any Administration who uses this turd as their public relations face day in and day out has lost my confidence from the get go.

I'd like to think that McClellan, who has taken the press secretary's podium to a whole new level of smarmy prevarication during his tenure, will be pinned down repeatedly by tenacious reporters after the truth on behalf of the American public...but, I'm just going to wait and see how things go at the press briefing. Here's hoping Helen Thomas has had her Wheaties again today.

(2) Oh look, the President performs yet another budgetary sleight of hand -- this time by inserting social security private investment accounts into the budget without telling anyone he was doing so.

And after he tried his humility act out on Congress at the SOTU and everything, pretending to be Mr. Bi-Partisan Compromise and "let's work together to fix the system." Yep, bi-partisan backstabbing, available to all Americans at a rapidly-increasing deficit price. "Hello, my name is George, and you cannot take me at my word. Ever." (Swopa has more.)

(3) Salon has a profile of Alberto Gonzales as the President's clean-up-the-mess man. I dunno, maybe I'm old fashioned or something, but I always thought that the President and the Attorney General worked for the American public -- silly me.

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