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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday Morning Funnies

It's a Saturday morning gift of giggles and links. Thought we could all use a snicker or two before smacking the hell out of the next political brouhaha.

Crooks and Liars has an hilarious video clip up of GOP Operative O'Bierne trying to spin the Cheney shooting as none of the President's business. Chris Matthews and David Ignatius have a fine time pummeling her idiotic spewing. As a bonus, John has a screen grab of the creepy guy who was standing behind Whittington at the presser yesterday -- just who is that guy, anyway?

The General exposes a fondness for...erm...goats among a certain fratboy set. Manimal, indeed.

Because you just can't get enough Ralph Reed in your day...he has his own graphic novel. Mwahaha. (via dKos)

TalkLeft links up a Fiore cartoon classic on Cheney, Gonzales and domestic spying. Classic.

TBogg is just funny. Period.

So is Attaturk. This just cracked me up this morning. Probably the cold drugs.

Roger Ailes beats up Pajamaline...again. (And for an even more amusing pix, scroll upward to the next post, eh? Bwahahaha...beerhunter...bwahahahaha.)

Oh, and then there is this laugh riot that I found via Laura Rozen: via a FOIA, notes from an aide to Rumsfeld have been obtained that show how eager he was to pin 9/11 on Saddam Hussein and start a war with him. Oh wait, that's not really very funny, is it? Especially in the context of Rumsfeld's new push to bring more propaganda to the masses.

(This picture is just too cute, and I've been saving it for a morning where I thought we could use a giggle. I found it on a website of photos from Namibia.)

UPDATE: Bopnews has some interesting thoughts on Rumsfeld and an attempt to coerce media censorship.