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Monday, February 20, 2006

Tweety Earns a Star Today

On the Tweety Show today, Matthews earned himself a star. In speaking with Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, Matthews started the conversation by asking Brinkley if he thought the Vice President would be remembered for his tenure in the Ford and Reagan Administrations and the current Bush Administration or for being the "Vice President that shot a man in the face."

You tell me that meme isn't catching on.

Brinkley almost choked when Tweety said it, because Matthews tone was so snarky. But he agreed with Chris that Cheney's legacy will be one of secrecy and of shooting a man in the face. That this will be the thing for which he'll be remembered, because of the poor way he handled the whole situation.

Following this segment, Tweety interviewed Paul Pillar -- of the Foreign Affairs article referenced earlier here -- regarding the fact that the Administration cherry-picked its way through the intelligence to bolster its public case for war.

It was an effective segment, especially given the fact that Matthews played clip after clip of Cheney overstating the intelligence information on Iraq, or just plain saying things that were false, and then allowed Pillar to give the facts as to Cheney lying to the public.

All of the clips were from Meet the Press. Wonder how many calls from David Addington Timmeh will get this evening? Bet they have already been on the phone.

After one, Matthews pointed out to the audience that despite Cheney's appearance being on tape and broadcast nationwide (regarding the alleged meeting between Atta and an Iraqi agent, which has been widely discredited, btw), that Cheney has denied ever saying it.

Don't know if this is a new Tweety or what, but the man earned a star this evening. Fact-based journalism -- what a refreshing change of pace.

I'm so pleased to see Pillar getting press, especially after the Administration dodged his article all of last week -- and it looks like Cheney may be the Administration's cement shoes on this issue as well. I'm guessing whatever internal staff feud heated up last week, it won't be cooling off any time soon if this keeps going. Mary Matalin had better keep her foil flower polished and at the ready.