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Friday, March 03, 2006

Judas Sheep

From aRealPatriot, per me to me:
There is something known as a [sic] Judah sheep.

These are sheep that lead their own brothers and sisters to their doom and slaughter, then they get out of the way just before they themselves are slaughtered.

The rest of the sheep follow the "Judah" to their own doom, even through the slaughtered screams of their kin before them.

Clearly, there are not only "Judah sheep" among animals, there are those among men that would lead their own to slaughter as well.

The question arises;

Do Judah sheep know what they are doing and what will become of their brothers and their sisters?

I would think most of these "Judah sheep" both sheep and men, probably not, for these sheep and and these men have been conditioned to do what they do. They don't exactly see or understand where they lead those behind them, they think it's their calling in life

However among men there ARE Judah sheep that DO know what they are doing.

They are part of the very plot.

I don't believe people that support this administration even through the legislation that flies in the face of their own best interest, and people that try to convince others that these are good policies actually know that they have become Judah sheep.

Supporting these policies that attack the fiber of the middle class demonstrates the how effective the corporate propaganda machine really is.

I believe most of the middle class in America who vote republican are just sheep, and victims of the corporate propaganda machine, they are shallow and lazy, and they are hypnotized by the marketing strategies of corporate enterprise.


The politicians and the media personalities who repeat things like "talking points" do know what they are doing.

People that protect and defend those who forge data and initiate unprovoked war against countries that they know pose no threat to our country.

And people that protect and defend policies that would actually siphon vital resources FROM our fight against terrorism, and take the equipment and funding FROM the boys and girls that desperately need those resources if they are to succeed.

And people that protect and defend policies that create terrorism in countries where none existed before, and policies like those that deliberately destroy the infrastructure of the country we overthrow.


And policies that would take our very own money which we invested for generations and giving those assets to the richest people on the planet, people who will never ever spend it...our hard earned money which we earmarked for our retirement, we earmarked your parents health and drug care, and most important, investments we earmarked for our children's college education.

Even your kids future is not a sacrifice too great to these Judah sheep.

It's mind boggling the damage that can be done to this country before the people that enable it realize what's happening.
Name your favorite Judas Sheep.

(Anonymous pointed out in the comments that it's actually "Judas Sheep." But the point is the same.)