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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The liberal blogger-stop them at any cost

Damn, the only thing more dangerous than an Iraqi car bomber is a liberal blogger

Americablog has this charming piece up

Are the NYT and Adam Nagourney running a hit piece on liberal blogs?
by John in DC - 3/09/2006 10:11:00 AM

Sounds like it from what we're hearing.

You'll recall that Adam has run a slew of pieces pointing out how the Democratic party is a mess, and our sources tell us that he's now working on a similar piece about the blogs, and his intent is to paint us as crazy, lefty, wingnuts.

Now, first off, Nagourney has a bit of a conflict I hope he plans to disclose in any such article. He's been the target of a parody blog for over a year now - it's called
Ad Nags and can be found here. One wonders whether the constant funny, but pointed, barbs from that joke site have in any way biased Nagourney. We would hope not.

If the NYT is going to do a look at blogs, then it needs to go beyond the obvious. The obvious is that there is a perception out there that bloggers are all young inexperienced angry children who work in their pajamas, and they're dangerous dangerous DANGEROUS people to be around. You could write about that perception, but then you'd be writing about a preconception that's incorrect and about something we already know.

In fact, the more interesting story, is that many of the most well-known bloggers on the left and right are lawyers (not that that's a good thing, but you know, does put you a step above some crazy kid) and have other advanced degrees and experience.
Markos is a lawyer and former military. Atrios has a PhD in Economics. As for my
blog, I've got a law degree and a masters in foreign service from Georgetown,
worked in the Senate, the Children's Defense Fund, and the World Bank. Joe in DC
has a law degree and was the political director at Handgun Control. Chris in Paris is an international high tech consultant in Europe. We're people with real world xperience that kind of kicks ass. And suffice it to say, all of us have far left our 20s behind us.

And as for working in our pajamas, that's an outright lie.

I work in boxer-briefs.

But seriously, the interplay of the blogs and politics is becoming more fascinating by the day. To simply write these articles about how dangerous the blogs are and how everyone is so afraid of them, well, that's sloppy and its sensational and it's something FOX News would do (and has done). We'd expect, and hope, that the paper of record could do a more serious and deeper look at just how successful liberal bloggers and blogs have been, and how the future is pretty amazing if the bloggers and the established politicians can finally get together at full strength.

That's a real article.

I wish they would print a series of lies. so we can rip into them and demand retractions and all that kind of crap. The fact is that fucking with us is increasingly like fucking with Howard Stern, a dumb thing to do. We have bytes by the hard drive and lots of time to bitch.

And of course. Dana Milbank and Dan Froomkin can tell you how nice it is to have blogger friends. You think Froomkin would still have a job if it wasn't for his blogger friends? And Mr. Milbank making a funny on Olbermann could have caused him real problems if people weren't on the ass of the Ombudsman of his paper.

One day, they will figure out that we can be great friends instead of niggling enemies. A little mutual respect, especially when Bush is coming after them, might do them well. Most bloggers don't have a boss to fire them, most reporters do. They might well wind up in our ranks if the firing is nasty enough.

The irony is that the idea that we're all crazed leftists is funny. My father was a Republican since he was 21, even though he doesn't vote that way. He's also an ex-Marine who worked for the VA. Commie flag burner he is not. Many of the readers of my site are veterans and some are active duty military, some serving in Iraq. If you want real hard leftists, go to Counterpunch. But my readers are liberal democrats, not ANSWER devotees.

Part of this comes from the perception that bloggers are kids. I'm 41 and my partner, Jen, is in her late 30's. We are hardly kids out of college. We came by our beliefs by experience. You know why I distrust bureaucrats? I'm an NYU alum, in fact I'm posting this up from across the street from their campus because I had to leave home early. And while some people were getting their hand held on treelined campuses, NYU was dumping our files in the street and a woman in the bursar's office stole $6m in financial aid and booked to Palm Beach. That's enough to make you wary of any large institution.

So we have a range of experiences and education behind us. The idea that we're seeking some kind of virtual revolution is a joke. You want revolutionaries, go interview Rob Malda of Slashdot. He's got a revolution for you.

But most of us just want a working democracy, where the interest of oligarchy and kleptocrats aren't before soldiers, single moms and students.

Let Nagorney do his worst. He will realize how many people like and support blogs.