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Monday, March 13, 2006

REMINDER: Action Steps in Support of Feingold

Russ Feingold put himself on the line for progressives and the nation yesterday -- by announcing on This Week that he was going to introduce a Motion for Censure against President Bush for breaking the FISA laws.

Let's take a little time this morning, please, and phone your Senators. Let them know you were impressed by Russ Feingold -- and ask them to tell you what their position is on the censure proposal.

That's it -- just ask whether your Senators support the censure proposal, and then report back here when you get an answer. Use this thread to let us know. Jane and I will keep track of the responses, so we'll all have some idea of where everyone stands on this issue.

We need to be certain that Senators understand that there are some people out there, all over this country of ours, who still feel that the rule of law and separation of powers mean something. Who understand that balance of powers cannot include the Congress as a rubber stamp for the President, whether or not both branches are held by the same party.

They need to know that we expect them to do their jobs. And this little phone call, and some accountability about their position, just might get that thought process rolling. If enough of us take the time to call -- and we light up the switchboard -- then suddenly they have to sit up and take notice. If for no other reason, than because the mid-term elections are approaching, and everything becomes more important in that environment. When enough constituents call about a single issue, and we are asking you to do so the day after the issue was raised so it will still be fresh for all of them, then they sit up and start to think.

So please, hit the phones, call your own two Senators, and report back here what their position is. And thanks in advance -- this is profound message to all those Senators that we not only listen, but we expect action and that they do their jobs. And that we are not pleased with either them or the President -- and they'd better start paying attention to that as well.

You can contact the US Senate via the switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and they will connect you with any Senator's office. Or you can find your particular Senator's direct dial here.

NOTE: Also, if you have the time today, please take a moment to phone or e-mail or FAX Russ Feingold's office and just say thank you to him for putting himself on the line for all of us. At this point, no one has any idea if this censure proposal will gain any traction -- that's kind of up to all of us in the phoning and pushing it from the grassroots up, but it also depends on folks in power in Washington feeling the need to get off their behinds...and of that, I'm not as certain. Either way, though, Feingold put his own butt on the line, and we ought to show him some love and appreciation for doing so.

UPDATE: Georgia10 put up some helpful talking points for these calls, along with some additional contact info. here on dKos.

UPDATE #2: There is a toll free switchboard number that I neglected to post. (Thanks to Prof. Foland for the reminder.) You can call 1-888-355-3588 to reach any Senator -- they will connect you through to the individual offices.

UPDATE #3: Reader MrsT makes a great point in the comments: calling local offices often gets you more response than calling the national one on the Hill. Local office numbers can be found on the individual senator's website -- and also in your phone directory in the Government numbers section. So fwiw, that's also a very good option.