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Monday, March 13, 2006

Senate Call Talking Points

Since several of you have indicated you can't get Daily Kos to load at all this morning (fwiw, it's loading fine for me on the East Coast, so I'm not certain where the glitch might be), I wanted to pass along the excellent talking points that Georgia10 put together for the Senate phone calls regarding Feingold's censure motion.
The President admitted to conducting a domestic spying program outside the scope of FISA, despite knowing that FISA is the exclusive means of such surveillance inside the United States. President Bush broke the law, and this is the only way this Republican Congess can hold him accountable.

President admitted he did not brief the full intelligence committees. This is against the law.

We don't have to wait for an investigation before censure. President Bush admitted to his crimes publicly. An investigation is needed, but that should not preclude censure at this time.

Andrew Jackson was censured in 1834 for refusing to hand over papers to Congress and assuming power not granted by the Constitution. With his stonewalling of the investigation and by ignoring FISA, this is exactly what President Bush has done, and he should also be censured accordingly.
Please let the staffer with whom you speak know that you will be discussing the censure motion with your friends and neighbors (and if you are calling Tom Coburn's office, your church friends...maybe they'll begin to listen then.).

Georgia10 also put together a very helpful phone and e-mail contact list -- so far it just has Democratic information, but Republican info. will be added today as well. You can find this listing here. Since we seem to have pushed the Senate information website over the edge, I thought this might be helpful for everyone.

And again, you can contact any Senator toll free in Washington, D.C., via the central switchboard at 888-355-3588 or 888-818-6641.

Thanks again to everyone for calling! You really are making a tremendous difference just by getting this conversation on censure of the President for breaking the law started in the Senate and, hopefully, around the nation.

More information can be found in my posts from this morning and last night.

Also, please consider calling local offices on this -- especially at a time when we're lighting up the DC switchboards, calling local offices reinforces the point that this is real, live constituents calling and that we are serious about getting them to listen to our thoughts on censure. Thanks so much for all of your efforts -- you guys are amazing people, and I'm proud to work beside you on this.

UPDATE: So far, we are getting a lot of "The Senator hasn't made a statement about this yet." -- which, frankly, is what we expected first thing on Monday from most of them. The calls are having an impact though.

And just so you don't miss it, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) has staffers who have said that Sen. Kerry supports Feingold's censure motion "absolutely." Thanks so much to everyone for calling on this!