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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

They haven't done Jack

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Media or as we call it, Ass Clown

There was some bitching about how Ciro Rodriguez went down in a close primary, and I think people lose the trees in the forest at some point

Let me make a point: how many candidates has Red State or Instapundit raised money for?

How many long shot GOP candidates did they give a fighting chance?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Let's remember what we're doing is revolutionary. We can channel help and money to candidates across the country. The GOP, because they insist on a top down management scheme, have sharp limits to what they can do.

Also, because we're independent, our actions don't affect each other in the same way, Our friends are Red State are trying to play all sides of the fence, working with the GOP, shilling for Wal Mart and running an "independent" blog. If oh, Kos decided to do a Mac ad, that has zero effect on me. Jen and I have our opinions on Apple, and he has his.:) But it's not like he's got to serve Apple, the DNC and his blog. That wouldn't affect my advertisers or readers other than in a post.

But, when someone writes a racist post on Red State, a whole bunch of other organizations can be forced to explain it away. Because these folks are all so tied together between GOP politics, clients and their blogs that if La Shawn Barber flips out on her Pajamas media Sponsored blog, because he's associated with them, he can be made to defend their actions,.

My larger point is to remind everyone we have two advantages, one we are credible people without hidden conflicts of interests. Which means we don't have to serve more than one master.

Two, we have the ability to affect real world events. We may not win at once, but we can change races and get people to reasses decisions. Our friends on the right can only bloviate because they have neither the credibility or the audience to affect politics. And because of their interlocking ties, they can't even jump into primaries or choose sides.

The Republicans are scared of our collective power. To them, we're the "extreme liberal left", which, besides being bad English, makes no sense. Extreme for what? Not wanting the US to torture people? To end the failed war in Iraq? To give fair benefits and treatment for our veterans? A fair rebuilding process for Katrina survivors?

If that's an extremist agenda, it's one most Americans agree with.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is so scared of Kos, they want to go after him again, by distoring his words and ignoring that he's an Army veteran. He says he was even once a Reagan Republican. Hey, when I was a kid, I used to eat mayonnaise sandwiches with my dad. Then I turned seven.

Most of them wouldn't know public service if it broke into their homes and held an AK to their heads. And given the insane comments by people like racist Michelle Malkin, cowardly Glenn Reynolds and that half-wit LaShawn Barber, they are in no position to criticize anyone for their opinions.

These people live in fear and want you to share in it, by making reasonable people, with reasonable views seem like they have a problem, not the people who want to sell our ports to people who go hunting with Osama.