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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hey, Lay Off Wonkette

If you've been living under a rock or simply have a life that precludes you from caring about the internecine details of the blogosphere, there has been a bit of a brou-ha-ha over an upcoming panel on blogging at the National Press Club that includes everyone's favorite male prostitute, Jeff Gannon. Lots o'bloggers, including yours truly, signed a letter over at the Agonist, asking that AmericaBlog's John Aravosis be included on the panel as well.

Now, I happen to have signed on to that particular letter because I Like A Spectacle. And so far Jeff Gannon/JD Guckert has been carefully coached by his handlers and has not submitted to questioning by anyone who knows shit about what went down with his whole free ride to the White House Press Corps, and John Aravosis -- having been involved in the investigation from the start -- would certainly set his teeth on edge. And the dogs and I are always looking for a good l'affair du popcorn.

But some have lost sight of this fact and have decided to pig pile on Ana Marie Cox of Wonkettte, as if somehow being on said panel she does not have either the Appropriate Politics or the gravitas to represent the lefty blogosphere. Ana Marie and Steve Gilliard got into a snipe exchange, and Gilliard retorted :
I am expert on ONE thing. On how you keep making a fucking fool of yourself in public. People were once laughing at you, now you have over 70 people saying you suck in a public way.
(emphasis mine)

Okay. Can I just say one thing? I love Wonkette. I never would've signed a letter that dissed her, and I'm pretty sure I didn't. I don't know who wrote the bible for liberal bloggers, but I didn't get one with my Blogger account, so maybe you want to send me one. Wonkette talks about sex and it makes people think she's not to be taken seriously? That her observations are not acute and her political insights not...well, insightful because she talks about drinking? People have been mixing drugs, sex and politics long before Wonkette came around, and one only has to look at the work of the Good Doctor to know that there is a serious double standard going on here. Wonkette knows her shit. No, she's not going to rip Gannon/Guckert, she's not an activist and never claimed to be. She is, however, fucking funny and sharp as a tack.

Women talking about sex make you uncomfortable? Good. Here's one for you. Dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick. So what if she didn't earn the Collective Mutual Group Anoint by the Boys Club. (What, you think nobody noticed?)

And if you can't think of any joke to make about Wonkette that doesn't involve the tired and over-used subject of ass-fucking, hang it up. (yawn) Yer boring me to death.