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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Still Waiting for the "Some Won't" Part

Lindsey Graham on Chris Matthews, May 23:
The deal is that five nominees who have been filibustered will get an up-or-down vote and some will be confirmed and some won't.  The dirty little secret is that there have been some of these nominees that will not get Republican votes.  But we got so wrapped around the axle, we could never get to that bottom line.
All five -- Owen, Brown, Pryor, McKeague and Griffin -- have now been confirmed. Not that I ever really expected anything different, but Lindsey Graham proves once again that despite bewildering moments of clarity, his default is to partisan hackery and mixed metaphor.

The Senate now moves to a so-called "energy bill" (I'm sure we'll all have a good laugh over that one) so any future judicial filibuster is probably a few weeks away. But Harry Reid today basically told George Bush to kiss his ass in Macy's window if he doesn't cough up the info the information requested on Disco Bolton:
You can't ignore the Senate. We've told them what we've wanted. The ball is in his court. If they want John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations, give us this information. If they don't, there will be no Bolton.
So much for the predictions Dick Cheney made on Tales From the Crypt Larry King Live on May 30, when he said "We've got the votes to confirm him. I'm convinced we will get him confirmed. We just need three more and I think we'll get those when they come back."