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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why I Won't Play Poker with Harry Reid

The latest issue of the Rovian Tablets of Stone have featured a preemptive strike against Democratic opposition to any upcoming SCOTUS nominees, should Rehnquist or his Creator decide it is time for him (or any of the others) to retire. The airwaves have been rank with wingnut pundits parroting their talking points about Democrats who are sure to oppose ANY of Bush's certain-to-be-morally-bankrupt nominations out of sheer, mean-spirited partisanship.

Enter Harry Reid, stage left, who today recommends four Republican senators as possible nominees for the Supreme Court -- Lindsey Graham, Mel Martinez, Mike DeWine and Mike Crapo. In one masterful stroke he:

1) Established that the Democrats are not being out-of-hand obstructionist; there are Republicans that they would, in fact, support;

2) Forced Bush to piss all over four Republican Senators he needs in his corner if he wants to feed the gaping maw of the hungry Fundies; and

3) Should any of them ultimately wind up with the SCOTUS nod, put a Senate seat in play.

Of course, Harry Reid recommending Supreme Court nominees is kind of like your mom offering to set you up on a blind date -- it's pretty much the kiss of death right there. But in his head you just KNOW Lindsey Graham is already sporting wood underneath those Chief Justice robes and there will be no way for the supremely un-tactful GWB to let him down easy.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm still not down with the whole Mormon anti-abortion thing - but in these dark times you take allies where you can find them. And Harry Reid just made Frist's job of holding the Rethuglicans together a little tougher. Tee hee.