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Monday, September 12, 2005

Because There's No Place So Low We Won't Go to Shill For Jeebus

As Governor Rick Perry two-steps around the State of Texas showing residents how much Republicans care about victims of Hurricane Katrina, he has been urging Texans to contribute through three groups: The Red Cross, Salvation Army and the OneStar Foundation.

The third group happens to be an organization that supports "faith-based initiatives" and was founded by Perry himself, who earlier this year in a Forth Worth Church was pleased as punch to sign a law making it a crime punishable by death (yes, death, capital punishment, death, say it again death) for a doctor to perform an abortion on a teenage girl without the consent of her parents, or in any way not conform to the letter of the extremely restrictive State of Texas abortion laws.

The same Rick Perry who said gay soldiers who served in Iraq should come back to some place other than Texas.

The same Rick Perry who has spoken repeatedly at private events in Texas where a minister reasoned that God sent Hurricane Katrina to purify the nation of gays.

According to the Dallas Morning News:
Mr. Perry created OneStar as a nonprofit charitable organization in January 2004 to coordinate faith-based initiatives and promote volunteerism. Its chief executive is Susan Weddington, who left the state Republican Party chairmanship to run the organization.
"Coordinate faith-based initiatives." Well that's a pretty partisan objective wouldn't you say? Should probably be subject to separation of church and state and all. Right?

Wrong. We're talking about Texas:
Through legislation, the governor placed his divisions of faith-based initiatives, adult mentoring and the AmeriCorps volunteer program in the OneStar Foundation. It operates with federal grant money.
One-Star's web site says that the foundation was "birthed from the heart and vision of Governor Rick Perry."

Well nobody ought to work themselves into a froth contesting that one.

So as you watch the dead bodies being fished out of the drink in New Orleans, know that there are people already out there willing to manipulate your compassion (and your pocketbook) to finance the Christian invasion of your bedroom and your doctor's office.

The Republic of Gilead is most certainly at hand.