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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crashing the Gates

Good article on Markos up at Newsweek online, infinitely more savvy than the hopelessly muddled Washington Monthly one that appeared recently. I was really happy to hear Markos, always a good distiller of netroots acumen, talking about positive long-term Democratic vision and branding that didn't rely on Bush-hating for its vertebral column:
I think Democrats will make gains, but it'’s 2008 we need to think about. I'’m hoping that as we build our machine and repair the Democratic brand, people will start voting for Democrats because they want to vote for Democrats and not just because they want to vote against Republicans.
He also fires another salvo in the War on Lieberman, which we in blogtopia all take for granted but I haven't really seen accepted as an article of faith in the main stream press. Listen up ye stenographers, it's a-comin'.

You can also pre-order Crashing the Gates, the book by Markos and Jerome Armstrong here.