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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pauvre Tinkerbell

If John Harris wants to balance out Dan Froomkin at the WaPo with some wingnut twit, maybe he should do a Dick Cheney and nominate himself. Swopa digs out this bit from an online chat with Harris in October:
Washington, D.C.: Bottom line -- who is the source of the leak, if you had to make an educated guess?

John F. Harris: . . . We certainly know a lot more about how this story got spread than we did before, and the essential role of Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and probably others in playing damage control against Joseph Wilson's allegations....

Blacksburg, Va.: Could you comment on US News & World Report's article from the 18th that stated that due to the CIA Leak case "the vice president might step aside..." Have you heard this from your sources as well? Do you think Cheney might be culpable in this probe as well as Libby and Rove?

John F. Harris: I saw that US News item and have to confess I laughed. I think that is getting waaay ahead of the story.

[Note: Later in the chat, Harris admits that his newsroom has been discussing Cheney's possible indictment.]

Danbury, Conn.: . . . Was the position within the CIA, of their employee whose name was leaked, one which really was "secret", "covert" . . causing revealing the individual's name [to be] a crime under any statute? . . .Would revealing the name of even a janitor or receptionist be a crime?

John F. Harris: I think you are identifying important questions. What was the actual degree of intelligence damage by the disclosure of Plame-Wilson's name, and what was the specific crime?

It has long also seemed to me that Joe Wilson's own activities -- publishing op-eds etc. -- were not exactly calculated to maintaining secrecy about himself and his family.
In the 90s, the WaPo dedicated teams of crack reporters to charting the incremental movements of Clinton's jock. Now they whine about their need to play White House lapdog for the purpose of maintaining "access." That this seismic shift neatly dovetails with John Harris's own political bent is just a big, fat fucking coincidence, I guess.