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Monday, January 16, 2006

Challenging the Status Quo

Anyone who has been following along with the polling stories of late -- from the deliberately misleading Rassmussen poll on wiretapping to Richard Morin of the Washington Post and his blatantly partisan refusal to inquire about anything that might make the administration look bad -- knows that most of these organizations seem to devote their energies to providing George Bush something he can wave around in support of his disastrous, stumbling bullshit.

Over at MyDD they are trying to make a serious challenge to this awful status-quo by sponsoring their own poll to ask real questions that will fuel the construction of a counter-narrative to the GOP lie machine. Says Bowers:
Our groundbreaking poll, which will challenge conventional wisdom on a variety of topics--Iraq, withdrawal, terrorism, Bush approval, domestic spying--is about to be brought to the public. This will be the first comprehensive nationwide public survey where the questions are informed by the collective knowledge of the netroots and the blogosphere. You helped to make these questions, and with your help this poll will serve as a direct challenge to the entire field of public polling as it is run by commercial news organizations.
They need to raise $6500 in the next couple of days. I gave myself and if you're interested in helping them redraw the political map in this country, please consider going over there and helping them out.

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