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Sunday, January 22, 2006

FDL Late Nite: Oh If Only Luther Vandross Were Still With Us....

Just in time for Valentine's day, I think love may have finally wormed its squirmin' little way around to the heart of Unrequited Bush Virgin Kathryn Jean Lopez. Yesterday we were highly entertained to discover that the General had made his way into the annals of the NRO (do you suppose Buckley knows?) and even more so that predictably, K-lo did not get the joke. Or so I thought.

It seems I was wrong, and that General J.C Christian Patriot may be smitten:
Your January 20 column, The Sacking" of O'Beirne inaccurately labeled me as a Frenchman. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am an American patriot. Indeed, I suspect that we are ideological soulmates.


Could I have praised the book a little more. Certainly. One thing I didn't mention was the cover. It was fantastic. I particularly liked the allusion to charges of Hillary's lesbianism that the artist made by putting her in a man's suit (although I think lesbianism is a myth, I understand that accusations of lesbianism can be a powerful political tool). I also appreciated the clever way the cover paid homage to the cartoons of Der Sturmer (circa 1937) and Cox and Forkum.

I'll admit that I have a problem remembering the proper hierarchy of conservative loyalties. I think that was the case here. I chose opposition to the lesbian myth over loyalty to an important conservative pundit. I now realize that it should be the other way around, like the way we choose to support Our Leader rather than the principles of small government, liberty, and fiscal responsibility.
Sounds like K-Lo's got the General's imagination on perma-salute. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? OfJoshua might be making room for another sister-wife.

Roger has more (including family photos).

(Note that despite several huge buys attempting to prop up the ranking, Kato's book continues to nose dive even after the removal of the one-star ratings and in spite of the fact that nobody has been urged over there to post reviews for a week. Tragic.)