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Friday, January 13, 2006

Late Nite Kate

Yes, it's that time of the night again, have a little fun with Kate.

Despite last night's valiant attempt to get the General (and other one-star reviews) on the front page, those Amazon fuckers have promoted the two lone "5 star" reviews that weren't total piss-takes to the front. They have dumped the General's review way in the back. So much for caring about their readers' opinions, they must be French or something.

Rena's got a great diary up at Kos (she kicked the whole thing off with her superb rant the other night) so please go recommend if you're feeling like stirring the shit a little on a Friday night. Or even if you're not. Just hit the "recommend" button.

Kate REALLY NEEDS a Kossak encounter.

In the mean time Amato and I were having a good yuck over some of the C&L comments the other night so I thought I might share some of the touching sentiments felt toward Kate by our fellow residents of Upper Blogistan:
. Isn't it interesting that we've never seen Kate O'Berine and Bernie Goldberg in the same room at the same time?

. Kudos to Kate. It's about time someone pointed out what's really wrong with this country -- a cancelled HBO series about 4 fictional single women. Forget hunger, forget nepotism, forget crony capitalism, forget corrupt politicians, forget corporate destruction of the environment and the disappearance of well-paid jobs and a social safety net. Fuck that petty shit. "Sex and the City" is destroying this country.

. Got teeth?

. Kate O'Bierne is not related to Kato Kaelin.

. Hey, did anyone read the OTHER review on the site? Seems this Craig Matthieson is a PAID reviewer!! So i reported that review as inappropriate. I highly recommend that everyone go back to that review and report it, as well. Most unseemly for a paid reviewer to present his (??) thoughts without noting he was paid.

. "I have long thought that if high-school boys had invited homely girls to the prom we might have been spared the feminist movement."

full quote: "....and then i would have had a date and not had to sit around with my creepy uncle phil all night long who always wanted to 'help' me take a bath. but no, they didn't do this, they only ask out the 'pretty' or 'easy' girls. no, i'm not bitter. why, do i seem it? "

. Beauty might be skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone!

. Kate O'Bierne has a MUCH larger penis than Bernard Goldberg.

. So, I guess that quote means Kate thinks she's NOT homely. Hard to imagine...I mean, that's really baffling.

. Kate's going to a prom? Isn't she a little old for that?

. She's kind of ugly to be writing that. Especially in that Gloria Steinam, Gloria Allred, Hillary Clinton and many of the "homely girls" look a hell of a lot better than her and Phyliss Schafley.

. Katie, you could split pine with that face.

. Won't it be funny when she is exposed as a dyke and sued by a bitter ex- girlfriend.
If you haven't written your one-star "Ode to Kate," please do. Despite the horribly misleading 5 star reviews that the publisher no doubt shit large bricks on Jeff Bezos' desk to get punted to the front so quickly, and despite the banishment of the General's brilliant political satire to the hinterlands (ungrateful wretches), I'm sure Kate is quite miserable about her current two star rating as any author with a brand new book would be.

May her misery -- and our amusement -- increase by one.